About Us

Meetings of the Maori community in Timaru and at the Arowhenua Marae May-June 1989 resulted in the setting up of a fundraising committee by the Timaru Maori Committee. The blessing was given by the Arowhenua Runanga for the Multi Cultural Community Centre and the use of the name Te Aitarakihi.

Representaion at the AGM included:
  • Representatives from Waka – Te Arawa, Mataatua, Aotea, Ngatokimatawhaorua, Arai-te-Uru, Tokomaru, Takitimu, Kurahaupo, Horouta, Mamari, Uruao, Tainui
  • Timaru Maori Wardens
  • Honorary Community Officers
  • Timaru Ataarangi Branch
  • Timaru Maori Culture Group
  • Timaru Te Kohanga Reo
  • Aoraki Maccess Committee
  • Matua Whangai
  • Kokiri Trust
  • Aoraki Youth Trust
  • Kirikirikata Trust
  • Timaru Maori Womens Welfare League
  • South Canterbury Maori Rugby

The Trust became the body responsible for the establishment of Te Aitarakihi Multi Cultural Community Centre. Land was purchased in May 1991 followed by the relocation of building on site, May 1992, and the commencement of the development of the community centre

Brief history of Te Aitarakihi

Te Aitarakihi Marae-a-Iwi, located at 50 Bridge Road in Timaru, is a vibrant and inclusive Multi-Cultural Centre that has fostered unity, understanding, and collaboration among diverse communities in the region since its inception. Te Aitarakihi symbolises the connection and respect for Māori cultural heritage and is a much loved gathering place for those Maata Waka Māori who live away from their traditional tribal home lands.

Te Aitarakihi had its Māori Reservation Status Gazzetted on the 3rd June 1993, and the Marae-a-Iwi has been a welcoming space for people of all cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs. The Centre has played a pivotal role in promoting and preserving the rich tapestry of traditions, languages, and customs that make up the region's unique cultural landscape.

Throughout its history, Te Aitarakihi Marae-a-Iwi has been a gathering place for community events, educational workshops, and cultural celebrations. The Centre's dedication to fostering mutual understanding and respect has contributed to the harmonious coexistence of Timaru's diverse population.

Today, Te Aitarakihi Marae-a-Iwi remains a beacon of unity and cooperation, continuing its mission to build bridges between cultures and create a more inclusive society for all who call the Timaru District and greater the greater South Canterbury region home.

Our kaupapa (values) and tikanga (protocols)

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Love, care for and respect all manking

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Respecting the needs of whānau by providing a place of spiritual harmony

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Building strong relationships with whānau, hapū, iwi and the wider community

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Tom come together to celebrate the integrity of Māori and all cultures.

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