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Brief history of Te Aitarakihi

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Our kaupapa (values) and tikanga (protocols)

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Love, care for and respect all manking

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Respecting the needs of whānau by providing a place of spiritual harmony

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Building strong relationships with whānau, hapū, iwi and the wider community

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Tom come together to celebrate the integrity of Māori and all cultures.

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Profiles of Taumata

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Whaea Ani Haua
Taumata Chairperson

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Whaea Raeleen de Joux

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Whaea Heni Martin

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Whaea Margie Goldsmith

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Whaea Dawn Rangi-Smith

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Matua Hohepa Holland

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Whaea Puhiwahine Melrose

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Matua Jan Newton

Profiles of Te Aitarakihi Whenua Trust

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Raeleen de Joux
Trust Chairperson

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Whaea Ani Haua
Trust Member

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Whaea Dawn Rangi-Smith
Trust Member

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Whaea Heni Martin
Trust Member

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Whaea Huriata Weeks
Trust Member

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Matua Damon Odey
Trust Member

Profiles of Te Aitarakihi Society Incorporated Board

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Damon Odey
Board Chairperson

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Arahia Goldsmith
Board Member

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Heni Martin
Board Member

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Murray Cleverley
Board Member

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Joseph Tyro
Board Member

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Tania Kemp
Deputy Chairperson

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Naresha Waa
Board member

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Margie Goldsmith
Board Member

All our Taumata, Whenua Trust and Inc. Soc. Board members are dedicated to maintaining the 'Mission', 'Philosophy' and Vision statements as laid out in our strategic plan.

A copy of our updated strategic plan can be downloaded here.

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