Te Pā Harakeke ki Te Aitarakihi

A programme designed to empower and uplift wāhine

of all ages

Coming in mid September 2023 - Welcome to Te Pā Harakeke ki Te Aitarakihi, a transformative programme designed to empower and uplift wāhine of all ages within our community. Inspired by the whakataukī "Moea te wahine o te pā Harakeke - marry the woman of the flax cultivation," this programme is rooted in the belief that nurturing and cultivating our wāhine will lead to a flourishing and empowered community.

About the Programme:

Te Pā Harakeke ki Te Aitarakihi offers a range of empowering experiences for wāhine, focusing on three core strands: tautoko for māmā, intergenerational connections, and re-establishing the South Canterbury branch of Māori Women’s Welfare League. Through regular hui, wānanga, and noho marae, this programme aims to strengthen cultural identity, build connections, and foster personal growth.

Who is it for?

This programme is open to wāhine of all ages in the South Canterbury region. Whether you are a new parent, a seasoned leader, or somewhere in between, Te Pā Harakeke ki Te Aitarakihi welcomes you to join us on this journey of growth and connection.

What Participants Will Learn:

Mums and Bubs Group: For primary caregivers of tamariki aged 0-5 years, this group provides a safe and supportive space to connect, share experiences, and receive guidance on parenting.
Kawhe Group: A monthly gathering that encourages connections between wāhine of different generations, fostering friendships and professional relationships.
Māori Women’s Welfare League: Re-establishing the local branch, with regular hui and support for growth.
Wānanga and Noho Marae: Opportunities to engage in various workshops and immersive marae experiences, including topics such as karanga, raranga, rongoa, self-defense, wellbeing, Te Tiriti, equity, oppression, and personal finance.

Benefits of the Programme:

By participating in Te Pā Harakeke ki Te Aitarakihi, you will:

  • Strengthen your cultural identity and connection to Te Ao Māori
  • Build meaningful relationships with wāhine of all ages
  • Gain confidence in various skills and knowledge areas
  • Contribute to the growth and sustainability of Te Aitarakihi Marae-ā-Iwi
  • Support the revitalisation of the Māori Women’s Welfare League
  • Nourish personal growth and empowerment

Enrolment and Contact:

Coming in mid September 2023 - To join Te Pā Harakeke ki Te Aitarakihi or to learn more, please contact Julie Calder at admin@teaitarakihi.co.nz. We invite you to be part of this transformative journey towards empowerment, connection, and growth.
We would like to take this opportunity to thanks Te Puni Kōkiri for their funding support for this programme.

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